Our Promise

Our mission is to deliver you health in a bottle. See how

Health for everyone

As manufacturers, we are a social enterprise for which health is not only an important personal but also a public resource. For this reason, we have adopted as our mission the production of a new generation of healthy drinks at an affordable price.

Innovative technology

Our company is a long-term partner of BAS and the University of Food Technology. The public support from the National Innovation Fund allows us to offer our herbal drinks at a reasonable price, accessible to the widest possible range of consumers.

Economic growth

Economic growth Our company is positioned in northwestern Bulgaria - Krivodol. As investors in the poorest region of the European Union, we are happy to be able to create new jobs and work on innovative technologies. Thank you for the support of the local community.

Green products

As a participant in the circular economy, we have reached a point where our products are completely green and do not pollute the environment.

BESST is the right choice

Why are our drinks healthier than other soft drinks?

A healthy, organic drink that will not weigh on the budget

A unique combination that you will not find anywhere else

Over 10 years of research combined with the Bulgarian tradition in herbal medicine

Wild herbs are full of vitamins and minerals, often more than garden herbs. Getting enough vitamins and minerals boosts the immune system.

They are full of nutrients and many of them also have medical benefits. Herbs eliminate nutritional deficiencies and thus restore the proper functioning of the body.

Quench your thirst without thinking about calories!

Available in 2 packages - individual and family

They contain flavonoids. Diets rich in flavonoids are associated with a reduced risk of various diseases, as well as reducing overweight.

They protect cells from oxidative stress from free radical damage. Herbs and spices have far higher concentrations of antioxidants than any ordinary fruit or vegetable.